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« Encounters with Social Scientists »

Lundi 13 Décembre 2010



EHESS, 2ème étage, Salle A

10h – 14h

Conférence en anglais de Claire Bidart, sociologue, LEST


Dynamic of personal Netwoorks

The complex system of relations that individuals maintain with other  people, whether they be family members, work colleagues, neighbours,  childhood friends, members of a volleyball  team or of a social club,  or even just friends whom they meet regularly for a drink,in short their social network, gives an image of their social inscription. The  form this network takes and the way in which it is structured are  indicative of individuals' modes of social integration. Behind each of  the relatives, mates and friends lies a 'small world', a social  circle, a segment of society to which that person gives access. The  evolutions one may identify in the composition, evolution and  structuration of the relational system that constitute personal  network are very relevant for the study of the socialization processes.


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